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Each swimmer is expected to bring few items of his or her own equipment. These are items that are normally sized to work with individual swimmer and reflect their own taste. If you are unsure on what size or what the proper "fit" of a piece of their equipment should be, please, don't hesitate to ask a coach. We want the kids to be comfortable and enjoy their swimming experience as much as possible.


  • Goggles: Swimmers use goggles to protect their eyes from the chlorine as well as to gain a clear view of their surroundings in the pool. There are a variety of colors and styles depending on the preference of the swimmer. Although swimmers may be inclined to choose a goggle type because of its “fashion appeal”, function is more important. The goggle must seal well and fit the face comfortably, and it should be a tint that is appropriate for the venue in which the swimmer is swimming. For example, mirrored goggles block a large amount of light and offer excellent ultraviolet protection, but may not be appropriate in an indoor pool.  Generally, mirrored is bettter for outdoor swimming, non-mirrored for indoor.
  • Cap: Caps are designed to keep the hair out of swimmers’ faces and goggles straps into place.
  • Practice Suit: Practice suits are used during workouts. They are created with a stronger material for durability. Some may create extra drag to make the workout more challenging. Boys should wear "jammers" or "speedo" brief swim suit.  Please do not let him wear "board shorts" or other baggy type bathing suit.

Team Uniform - Suit & Cap

  • Competition suits are used during all swim meets. The Dolphins coordinate the fitting and group order of Team Suits and Swim Caps for the whole team.

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