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New Parents

This page is dedicated to parents who are new to the sport of swimming.  

Welcome!  Being part of a swim team is an amazing experience for both swimmers and their parents. This summer, your child will learn about dedication, sportsmanship, and teamwork while building friendships in the pool. They'll get an amazing workout too! 

We recognize that joining a swim team for the first time can seem a bit overwhelming. Once you build an understanding of the basics, it is actually easy to be a the parent of a swimmer.  We hope the information we've compiled below will put your mind at ease and get you excited for your first summer with the Audubon Dolphins swim team. If you still have questions, we are here to help.  Feel free to email us at any time and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Email: [email protected]

Important Information for New Parents

  • Eligibility
    • The Audubon YMCA Dolphins swim team is open to swimmers from age 5 to 18, from beginners to Jr. Olympic qualifiers.  The only requirement to join the team is that your child can swim one lap of freestyle or backstroke on their own.
  • Swim Practices
    • The most frequent question that new parents ask about being part of the swim team is "How many practices does my child need to attend each week?".  While this answer varies from team to team, we ask that swimmers do their best to attend 2 practices a week.  If it is possible for them to attend more than 2, that's great, but it is not required.  We also understand that families take vacations during the summer and that the kids might be participating in another sport or activity.  If they are not able to make 2 practices every week, they are still part of the team, we just ask that you communicate with the coaches so they are aware.
  • Swim Meets
    • Swim meets are typically held on Tuesday and Thursday nights, beginning the last week of June through the middle of July, with Championship meets at the end of July.  Again, we understand that schedules are busy in the summer.  Swimmer are not required to attend every meet, although we hope they can.  The only requirement, which is extremely important, is that swimmers who are not able to attend a meet send an email to the coaches 24-48 hours in advance.  Meet lineups are made with the assumption that all swimmers will attend the meet and if a swimmer does not attend the meet, it effects other swimmers.
  • Parent Volunteering
    • Parents of swimmers are asked to volunteer their time at swim meets.  We do our best to make it fun.  Swim meets would not happen without the help of our parents.  Additional information about volunteering is posted on the 'Volunteering' page of the site.
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