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Practice Groups

The Audubon YMCA Dolphins swim team includes swimmers of all abilities and experience levels.  Swimmers will be placed into practice groups after the first week of season  so that they can practice with swimmers who are similar in age and ability.  This helps ensure that each swimmer is put in a position to succeed.

Group 1 - (Typically Ages 5 to 10)

This group is intended for swimmers who are newer to competitive swimming. Emphasis is on development of all four strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Group - 2 (Typically Ages 10 to 12)

This group is intended for swimmers who have been involved with competitive swimming for multiple years. Emphasis is on continued development of stroke technique in all four strokes while incorporating increased distances.

Group -3 (Typically Ages 13 to 18)

This group of intended for our most advanced swimmers.  Emphasis is on continued stroke refinements, conditioning and race strategy.

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